After the economy tanked and trimming budgets became fashionable, people began to turn to canned coffee instead of the Starbucks drive-thru.

But your morning cup doesn’t have to taste like clay water. With an investment in the right equipment, you could be brewing like a certified barista. Heck, you could even tip yourself.

For each method, start with whole beans and a grinder:

Here’s a rundown of the three basic brewing methods:

The espresso machine This sophisticated brewing machine is by far the most advanced system. You could expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $5,000. Equipment required:espresso machine and tamp. Espresso refers to the coffee grind – it is much finer than a drip or French press grind, creating a much richer flavor.

French press The French press is a glorified coffee pot. This is how you want to brew to impress your friends, and it will only set you back between $12 and $30. Equipment required: French press and teapot.

Scoop the right amount of coffee, wait four minutes, press the filter and presto! You, too, are a coffee guru. French press coffee uses a thicker grind of coffee beans, creating a more aromatic and smooth cup o’ joe.

Coffee pot We’ve all had one at some point, but if yours is on its last leg, you could buy a new one for as little as $25. Equipment required: coffee pot.

The coffee pot grind is a happy medium and makes for a balanced cup.

Being frugal is about being smart, and you don’t need to sacrifice flavor to save.

I’ll drink to that!