Politics aside, there’s a reason to like the French – and not just for their fries or for the Statue of Liberty.

I’m talking about the French Press, a sophisticated and simplistic brewing device that dates back to the late 1800s.

The last time I reviewed brewing methods, I briefly introduced the French Press, only indicating that it requires a slightly coarser grind than the coffee pot.

So you might be wondering if it’s a slightly different brewing method – why choose to use a French Press over a coffee pot?

There are key flavor distinctions:




The French Press is also the least expensive brewer available – cheers to that! And it’s the best way to control time and temperature when brewing.

This unparalleled flavor from the French Press results from the extraction time and the delivery of volatile oils, which often get caught in the paper filters.

Steps in brewing:

1. Boil the correct amount of water for the press.

2. Freshly grind the coffee. About 10 to 12 pulses of the grinder will suffice.

3. Place the coffee grounds in the bottom of the glass. Make it about an inch thick. Use more or less depending on how strong your prefer your coffee.

4. Pour the boiling water (between 195 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit) over the coffee until it fills the press.

5. Replace the plunger.

6. Set a timer for 4-5 minutes.

7. Slowly push the plunger down.

8. Pour coffee and enjoy.

Use the press to impress!

For tips from the pros, visit this video to see how a World Barista Champion brews French Press coffee.

View my slideshow of making French Press coffee here.