After a flurry of summer activities, job interviews and family festivities, I’m back.

Since graduation, I’ve moved to Seattle and begun my internship at Edelman on the Corporate + Public Affairs team. Now, with some agency time logged and roughly two years in the industry, I’m ready to start talking about industry trends, strategies and tactics.

So much is changing in the world of P.R. Just in the past year, we’ve had Domino’s Pizza and B.P. to remind us of the importance of crisis communications.

But P.R. is more than just knowing how to put out a fire. Corporations are people in the eyes of the law. They have moral codes as defined through their company values, and they are social. Social media in itself is a tangled web. All participants within a corporation–executives, clients, employees, etc.–have something to say, and a vehicle to say it. Implementing a social media policy is more important now than ever.

The face of P.R. continues to evolve, from creative pseudo events to high-level thought leadership strategies.

This is my space to think out loud. Stay tuned.